About Us

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HEY! from Lou (left) & Lee (right)


Here are a few things about us… We:

  • Love to cook/eat/drink just about everything—and usually agree on the exceptions (sorry, dill)

  • Are pasta-slinging, whiskey-loving, holiday-adoring, garlic-swilling summer fiends 

  • Are both born New Yorkers who can usually be found in New York or DC

  • Often live 400+ miles apart, though that doesn’t stop us from being in the kitchen together on the regular

  • Are crazy about too many movies & photographers to count + good stories & old traditions + family dinners &  backyard hangouts (this list could go on and on, but we’ll let you have a read through our posts to hear about the rest instead!)

  • Take wooden spoons and first snows very seriously

  • Are big fans of the cry-laugh (you only did it really right if hours later you wonder why it feels like you did a whole lot of sit-ups)

  • Don’t share yogurts. We can’t explain it. It’s just gross.

  • Are usually up late late late, if left to our own devices—this leads to snacks, 2 am movie or TV marathons, and half-asleep food talks

  • Managed a bakery & owned a specialty food store, respectively

  • Love cooking what we love eating: fresh, seasonal, & local—to us, that’s the good stuff

  • Happen to be related—we’re mother (Lou) & daughter (Lee), to be precise

  • Are really glad you came by!

Have a look around, drop us a line, let us know what you think!

9 responses to “About Us

  1. Cooking is nurturing and it seems like Lee and Lou have captured the true essence of family, love and bonding through food. And also to a man’s heart so start cooking! Good job Lee and Lou.

  2. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be than around Lee and Lou’s table with incredible food and friends.

  3. I am seeing the image of the whole family squeezed into the tiny dining area of Aunt Rosie’s kitchen… the food, the laughs and all the love! Miss you guys xoxo Linda

  4. I accidentally came across your blog, Lee and Lou. I used to live in your neighborhood, Lou in Queens years ago. I loved your store and still have cards from there! Looking forward to future postings.

    • How fantastic that you found us! I still miss the store and our customers. To be part of that community was incredibly special. This has been the busiest summer ever for us ever and we hope to be back posting regularly soon. Thanks so much for writing, Vivian! Lou

  5. I thought of your store, Lou, because l was reminiscing about Sunnyside and if you and Frank were still living there. My children still live in the same house, but I moved to Tenafly NJ. I was the person who help design the Conservancy T-shirt. I love the writing, recipes & photos on your blog!!!

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